Thursday, June 24, 2010


Today's piece isn't exactly the most subtle of pieces. It comes off a bit stronger than I actually feel, but oh well, it is what it is. Hah.


You sinner, you addict, what becomes of your prayers?
Is there someone who listens? Or do they die in the air?
The angels in heaven, please tell me my worth!
Will I be rewarded when I depart from this Earth?

You addict, you blacken when you poison your veins.
You're the son of sin, a modern day cain.
Oh blessed are we, when we drink the blood
And shower in the love of our saviour, wash off the devil's mud.

You pray on an altar of porcelein and tile,
All to escape the world for a while.
We pray at an altar of wood and flowers
To be saved from the world's most lecherous powers.

You addict, the devil's got a hold of your ear
When you run from the world in your cowardly fear.
Oh blessed are we, the lord fills us with cheer.
When we run from the world in our cowardly fear.

You poor one, you're bound in a self made cage,
That only grows smaller as you grow weary with age.
Oh lord, we're bound in a self made cage
That only grows smaller as we grow weary with age.


  1. These should all be songs or something. You have a good sense of meter.

  2. "a modern day cain", I loved that.
    This is really good, I read it a couple of times and it just keeps getting better.