Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Waiting on a Reason.

Let’s talk it out,
Try to remove all doubt,
From the lines between us and within.
It’s less than clear,
What’s inching near,
But I can feel an end begin.
There’s fate that we can make on our own
And fate that we cannot.
You’re waiting for a sign to show you home,
But your fate doesn’t want to be on the spot.

We’re in too deep,
To back out now,
But you’re stuck waiting for a sign.
It’s about what you want,
And what you need,
But you’re afraid to leave that line
While I’m waiting on a warmer season,
You’re waiting on a reason.
There are times,
You’ll be less than fine,
And times you’ll be uncertain
But in the end,
You’ll be happy then,
That you allowed the rising of the curtain.
We’re alive, it’s time to act that way,
By pursuing our mind’s desires
Throw caution to the wind for just one day,
Or throw caution into the fire.


It’s a risky move but it’s something you’ve
Got to try, even if you get a little bruised
You’re never more alive than when you
Try and reach for something you could lose.

Just look at you,
What you want to do
And give your heart what it wants.
To take a risky stance,
On an uncertain chance
Is anything but nonchalance.
A leading hand and a blindfold
May be less reliable than you know.
A glowing road to take until you’re old
Shouldn’t tell you where to go.

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